Vivien A. Ingram, M.D.

Hi, I’m Dr. Vivien Ingram.


I grew up in Mesquite, TX (just east of Dallas) but West Texas has become my family's home.


Like several members of my family, including my grandfather, I attended Texas Tech University and graduated in 2009. Following graduation, I lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where I helped in a local women's clinic teaching health and wellness classes and helping take care of pregnant women and their families. During my time in Haiti, I saw what small local healthcare looked like and the difference it made in people’s lives.


I left Haiti in 2010 and worked as a high school chemistry teacher in the Dallas area before going to medical school. I graduated from the Family Medicine Accelerated Track at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in 2017. This dedicated track is only for students who know, before even starting medical school, that they want to be family physicians, and most work in small towns/rural areas. 

Following graduation, I attended residency at the TTUHSC Permian Basin Campus. Residency is 3 years, at minimum, after medical school, where new doctors hone their skills and continue to learn the practice of medicine. I spent my first year at Midland Memorial Hospital and Medical Center Hospital in Odessa as well as rotating through several specialties including general surgery, cardiology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, OBGYN, and the ICU. I moved to Andrews to spend the final 2 years of residency at PRMC, Andrews Family Medicine, and PRCC where I was able to meet, treat, and get to know the community I now call home. 

Upon completing my residency in June 2020, I passed my board examination and became a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. I then delivered my daughter at 28 weeks in an emergency and we spent a very long time (83 days!) in Lubbock at the UMC NICU. I was so glad to be in West Texas and the support we received from the Andrews community was overwhelming and helped us survive those precious months with our daughter in the hospital.

After transitioning back home, I worked remotely covering 3 hospitals in Texas, overnight, so the daytime doctors could get some rest. Most of those shifts were during the many waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and I saw the hardship and loss that many of our fellow Texans went through during those times. I also saw the pain, confusion, and anger people felt when their doctor was not in the room to hold their hand and answer all the questions they had.

Since my time in Haiti and continuing through medical school, residency, and the pandemic, I have always known that I wanted to practice medicine differently. I wanted to be able to see my patients when they needed it, spend as much time as I wanted, and get to know them as more than just a billing code for the insurance companies. That is why I have decided to start this direct primary care clinic, where medicine is more like it used to be.

At my clinic, Vintage M.D., you will be treated, both personally and medically, like the individual you are. 

I'm fulfilling my dream by opening a clinic that is about you (the patient) and me (your physician) with no one in the middle (insurance).

Vintage M.D.: opening 2/4/2024.