What's included in your monthly membership?

All memberships include:

Additional Membership Types and Services:

* Fourth-trimester and newborn (available soon): visit with family in hospital (or delivery location of choosing) after delivery to meet newborn and check on mom, visits at your home (for baby and mom) during first 6 weeks postpartum, feeding support, coordination with health department for vaccines and any further testing needed, direct access to the physician during business hours and 8 after-hours contacts included (text, phone, and telemedicine). Can continue into regular membership or end at 3 months (end of fourth trimester).

* Nursing home/Rehab/Assisted Living (available soon): Dr. Ingram will visit you, or a loved one, in the nursing home, assisted living, or residential home once a month, at minimum, and more frequently when necessary. Dr. Ingram will also help coordinate care with nursing home physicians and attend care meetings upon request.

* Substance Use Disorder treatment: Dr. Ingram has completed extra training to compassionately treat patients struggling with a substance use disorder. Many times patients are scared to ask for help or do not know the next steps. Dr. Ingram can help you make choices for a better life. There is no judgment and treatment is confidential. Common substances that are misused and can be treated include opioids, alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, methamphetamine (experimental but worth trying, please contact for further info), benzodiazepines, sleep meds, etc.

* Weight management and food addiction: There are several medications and systems available to help patients obtain and maintain a healthy weight. There is no body shaming or looking past your problems because of your weight. Dr. Ingram cares about your health as a whole, not just the number on a scale or a BMI. There are no easy fixes to weight loss or food addiction, but Dr. Ingram will be there for you along the way. 

* Urgent Care visit (non-member, 2 visit limit).

* Medical-grade Piercing is available to members for an extra fee.

* More procedures and services will be added in the future.